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Volunteer Program

Who We Are & What We Do

When the River School was founded in 1995, its founders, T Beller and Gail Chase-Bien, recognized that parent participation was a key component in student success in school. Since the beginning, parent participation has been a major reason for the school’s growth and success that culminated in receiving the California Distinguished School Award in 2003 and 2009.

In addition, parents become an integral resource used to provide a quality education to our students while reducing operating costs. Being with the students helps families experience and understand the unique philosophy of the school.

There are many opportunities for parents and family members to volunteer at our school. Volunteers work in the school office, in the classroom, go on field trips, in the Student Store and at recess. Volunteers coordinate and work on fundraisers. Families work on school beautification by assisting with landscaping projects, building projects and clean up of the school grounds. We ask families to work on the annual fundraiser, which is the biggest event to raise money for our elective program.

For more information, contact Brittania Anoai-Gonzalez.