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Student Groups

Student Clubs


Student Council organizes various activities throughout the year like noon time activities, dances, community service events. Officers are elected in the spring to serve for the next year and each advisory elects a senator as room representatives. Seventh and eighth graders learn organizational and leadership skills that are important life skills.

Conflict is a fact of life and more so, in middle school. DIGA, our peer mediation program, began with a girl who made a mistake trying to help a friend. Started in 2004, DIGA trains a small group of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in listening and mediation skills. Students who wish a DIGA session fill out a request form. DIGA members check the box daily and conduct mediation sessions or “clearing within two days. Oftentimes, the advisory teacher is not available immediately to respond to a student’s needs so DIGA helps provide that more immediate opportunity to “clear the air.”

Developing the leadership capacity of all eighth graders is a key component of creating a healthy student culture. Eighth graders have the most influence in the school; sixth and seventh graders look up to them. As we have created opportunities for eighth graders to become leaders, there is less “attitude” exhibited and more engagement in helping create the school. One of the most successful structures has been our Big Brothers and Sisters program where eighth graders volunteer to mentor a younger student in our school. The pairs go through a selection process to ensure a good relationship. They meet once a week. Over the years, the number of eighth graders who want to help has grown where 25% are involved. The “siblings” feel supported and our eighth graders gain a sense that they matter, that they can make a difference.