The purpose of River School is:

To educate sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to be responsible, respectful self-motivated learners who make positive contributions to their communities. We will accomplish this with the collaboration of teachers, parents and students who provide a nurturing learning environment that emphasizes academic competence, creative expression, and personal and social responsibility while modeling the values we want our students to learn.

Mission Goals:

In order to accomplish this purpose, the collaborative community of students, parents, and staff intend to develop students who are:

  • Responsible
    Willing to see oneself as cause, instead of victim
    Take responsibility for their choices in actions and in academics
    Become self-motivated, competent, life-long learners
  • Respectful
    Respect the diversity of opinions by examining issues from multiple perspectives
    Value the uniqueness and contribution of each individual
    Work collaboratively with peers and teachers
  • Resourceful
    Demonstrate proficiency in the core academic subjects
    Solve problems independently, collaboratively, and creatively
    Communicate written and spoken ideas clearly and effectively
  • Responsive
    Listen and respond to others with compassion
    Make choices from an understanding that the world is interdependent and interconnected